Grindl & Charlie

A Clown and her Dog … A Dog and his Clown …

This goofy, timeless tale brings to light the story of a mischievous, eccentric and highly unpredictable radio that has a mind of its own, a once famous old ballerina, and a rope jumping, tambourine playing dog. With foolish clown tricks, slapstick antics, silly magic, and hilarious dancing, these two lovable nincompoops continue to delight audiences of all ages the world over. Funny, soulful, silly and poetic, speaking the universal language of the silent clown, Grindl & Charlie the comedic canine will charm your pants off!

Granny Garbanzo

Granny GarbanzoThis character is featured on the Gemini-award winning children’s show “The Big Comfy Couch” which has been shown on TV internationally for over 20 years.

Trois Études de Danse Pour Une Clown

August Tramp

  42_sA clown goes to sleep on a bench in a busy city park. She is visited by the Muse. A study of naivete, vulnerability and innocence and the strong imagination of the clown.



A study of the classic clown character from the Commedia del Arte – Pierrot. An abstract and contemporary vision of the human emotions inspired by the moon. The illusion of holding onto things. the illusiveness of feelings. The thin lines between madness and joy.


6_smThis Felini-esque cabaret singer tells her tragi-comedic story. She is an aging, once-famous tightrope walker who is still trying to make it in show biz. This 3-part show is suitable for adults.

The Flying Galwampkis

Le Spectre De La Rose    

The Tango