Grindl Kuchirka

Grindl Kuchirka is a clown, a unique Canadian artist who combines the dedication and discipline of a Dancer with the whimsical spontaneity of a Clown, a silent poet of movement, a “globetrotter of laughter and emotion”. With extensive training in dance and movement as well as 38 years of experience as a professional clown, she has appeared in festivals, theatres and on television in North America, Europe, Japan, Singapore, India and South America.

In performance Grindl’s universal language transcends all cultural boundaries, expressing the spectrum of human emotion, with comedy, elegance, poignancy and magic, through a cast of unique characters from Roza to Pierrot, who hold a mirror up to adults and children alike. Meet some of her characters here.

Grindl also holds workshops in the art of clown, inspiring students to unmask their self-made limitations and guiding them to discover their potential both as humans and clowns.


Grindl KuchirkaBALLET
Paula Ross, Vancouver, BC
Kay Armstrong, Vancouver, BC
Chiat Goh, Vancouver, BC
Danielle Clifford, Vancouver, BC
Maria Asamasova, Toronto, ON
Richard Sugarman, Toronto, ON
Stelio CaLagias, Toronto, ON

David Dressler, Vancouver, BC
Paula Ross, Vancouver, BC
Nadia Pavlychenko, Toronto, ON
Kathryn Brown, Toronto, ON
Amelia Itcush, Toronto, ON
Toronto Dance Theatre, Toronto, ON
Claudia Moore, Toronto, ON
Dindi Lidge, Toronto, ON
Teachers Collective, Toronto, ON

Grindl KuchirkaCLOWN/THEATRE
Monica Pagneux, France
Yuri Belov, Russia
Pierre Byland, Switzerland
Maria Cassi, Italy
Ron Wagner, Canada
Jeanmarie Bevort, Holland

Tai Chi
Alexander Technique

Professional Engagements

Paula Ross Dance Co., Vancouver, BC
Pavlychenko Dance Co., Toronto, ON
Maxine Hepner and Dancers, Toronto, ON
Link Theatre Co., Vancouver, BC
The Flying Galwampkis, Toronto, ON

“Timesteps” – Children’s Show, 1988
“Solo Clown” – Expo 86, Vancouver, BC
“Reflections on Crooked Walking” – Toronto, ON
“Troupers” – TV for children
“Flower Fairy” Clown en pointe – Merrytime Clown & Puppet Co.
“Da Ghost of Dat Flower” Ballet – Satire
“Zagu and Boo” Modern – Comedy
“Underground” – Collaboration with Leslie Link
“The Old Bear with the Sore Head” Mime – Comedy
“What was Dat Song dey were Playing” Tango – Comedy
“Tribute to La Mome Piaff” – Pas de deux
“Cello” – Solo
“Dance to the Unknown” – Pas de deux
“The Radio” – Theatre Show
“The Peace Piece” – Solo dance to piano
“Solo” – Commissioned for CBC
“Streets of Paris” – Study of street clown
“The Big Comfy Couch” – Consultant/Choreographer

TEACHING                                                                                                                             Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance
Workshops for Therapeutic Clowns in North America and Europe
Clownschool BUUS in The Netherlands
AIMS Hospital India  Workshop for Doctors and Nurses in The University
International Women’s Clown Festival in Rio De Janeiro
Netherlands Clown School, Amersterdam
Passe Partout, Netherlands
Claude Watson High School of the Arts, Toronto, ON
Koffler Centre of the Arts, Toronto, ON
Pavlychenko Studio, Toronto, ON
Inner City Angels, Toronto, ON
Toronto Board of Education, Toronto, ON
Paula Ross Studio, Vancouver, BC
Mime Co. Unlimited, Toronto, ON
York University, Toronto, ON
The Space, Toronto, ON

Canada Day – National Capital Commission, Ottawa, ON
International Children’s Festivals – Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Regina, Kenora
International Festival of Clowning – Dartmouth, NS
Festival Stage, Ontario Place – Toronto, ON
Kingsville Migration Festival
Halifax Buskers Festival International, NS
Canadian National Exhibition, ON
St. John Buskers on Board Walk, NB
Whistler Mountain International Street Festival, BC
United Way – Toronto, ON
International Comedy Festival – Vancouver, BC
Edmonton Folk Festival, AB
Hamilton Festival of Friends, ON
Expo ’86 – Vancouver, BC
Dance in Canada Festival – Vancouver, BC
Danceworks – Toronto, ON
Nordhorn International Festival – Germany
Tour Soane et Loire – France
International Clown Festival – Japan
Oranjeboom International Streetfest – Rotterdam, Holland
Les Arts dans la Rue – Morlaix, France
Emmen Festival – Holland
Holland Village – Nagasaki, Japan
Riverbend Festival – Chattanooga, Tennessee
Nova Scotia Old Summer Home Festival
Faro Yukon Folk Festival
Busker Festival – Cornerbrook, NL
North York Winter Carnival – ON
Streetfare 95 – Vancouver, BC
Numerous festivals in Holland & Belgium

Young People’s Theatre – Toronto, ON
Muzenval Theatre – Emman, Holland
Ontario Place Forum – Toronto, ON
Harbourfront Brigantine Theatre – Toronto, ON
The Rivoli – Toronto, ON
Grand Theatre – London, ON
Petit Theatre/Sonara-Macon, France
Winter Garden Theatre – Toronto, ON
Poor Alex Theatre – Toronto, ON
Manitoba Theatre Centre – Winnipeg, MB
Jack Singer Concert Hall – Calgary, AB
Vancouver East Cultural Centre – BC
Waterfront Theatre – Vancouver, BC
26 City U.S. Comfy Couch Tour
Community Theatres – France

International Women’s Clown Festival Rio De Janiero–Performance & Workshops
Artist in residence Clown at AIMS Hospital in Kerala India
Schools in India
Guest Artist – Netherlands Clown School, Amsterdam (Dance workshops 5 years)
Guest Artist – Master Clown Workshop, Stratford Teachers Conference
Special Guest – Marymount School, Paris, France
Cast Member – Canadian tour of Broadway Musical “Barnum”
Recipient of Choreography Award – Ontario Arts Council
Granny Garbanzo – “The Big Comfy Couch” television series for children
Annual Members’ Party – Mainstage, Young People’s Theatre
Movement Consultant/Choreographer – “The Big Comfy Couch”
Royal Ceremony for Prince Charles & Princess Diana, PE
Principal Performer, “Lights, Camera, Circus” – The Forum, Toronto, ON
Co-creator with Sam Walton of “The Flying Galwampkis” (comedy/dance/theatre duo)
The Dance Clown Workshop – The Space, Toronto, ON

The Big Comfy Couch – Granny Garbanzo (Gemini Award, 1995 for Best Children’s Show) Radical Sheep Productions
Principal Role for YTV Children’s Variety
Dog City (Muppet Special)
Jim Henson Productions
Muppet Christmas Special
Henson Associates/CTV
Paul Hahn & Friends
Children’s National TV
Feature Performer
Brent Titcomb
CBC Ottawa
Atlantis Films/Global TV
Featured as “The Flying Galwampkis” in 20 shows