Grindl Kuchirka is a Clown, a unique Canadian artist who combines the dedication and discipline of a Dancer with the whimsical spontaneity of a Clown, a silent poet of movement, a “globetrotter of laughter and emotion”. With extensive training in dance and movement as well as 38 years of experience as a professional clown, she has appeared in festivals, theatres and on television in ¬†North America, Europe, Japan, Singapore, India and South America.

In performance Grindl’s universal language transcends all cultural boundaries, expressing the spectrum of human emotion, with comedy, elegance, poignancy and magic, through a cast of unique characters from Roza to Pierrot, who hold a mirror up to adults and children alike. Meet some of her characters here.

Grindl also holds workshops in the art of clown, inspiring students to unmask their self-made limitations and guiding them to discover their potential both as humans and clowns.